Why wedding videography + tips when hiring your videographers

There are two common things we hear from potential clients when discussing videography for their wedding day: "My friends got married and their only regret was not having videographers" or "My friends got married and said it was one of their best wedding investments" ...We may be bias, but we couldn't agree more. 

Videography is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Long gone are the days of grainy camcorder videos, you can now package your wedding day into a beautiful cinematic piece that can be preserved digitally for eternity. Now, wedding videography is becoming a top priority along with hiring your photographer. 

On our very first wedding we realized how special and truly timeless wedding videography is. Our bride, Jacqueline, had a first look with her father. As he stared at her dotingly, the photographer (oh hey Candace Berry!) said "you don't want to give her away now, do ya?" and his response, without his eyes even leaving his little girl was "I never did... I never did" Major. Goosebumps. Its one of our favourite moments in Jacqueline & Craig's wedding video. Along with vows, fantastic speeches, and popping champagne with your gals' while preparing to meet your honey at the alter, those are the moments that can't be heard in photos. 

We put together a list of 5 tips when hiring a wedding videographer

1. Meet with your potential videographers
Your videographers will be following you around for your entire wedding day, so wether it's via telephone, or in person, getting a good vibe of who you are going to be working with is important. This is going to be one of the best day's of your life, and you want to be comfortable with who you are sharing that with. 

2. Do your research
How much experience and/or training do your videographers have? A flaw in your wedding video (missing audio, forgetting to hit the record button, etc.) can ruin your entire videography experience. At one point we were "new" to the videography game, and we are so grateful to the clients who took a chance on us, but to protect yourself and your investment, ensure that if your videographer is new or inexperienced, that a contract is in place outlining expectations from both parties. 

3. Know what type of video you want... more research!
Every videographer is different. Some do documentary style work, some create fine art videos, and some are journalistic and cinematic. Don't miss the step of looking at your potential videographers past work. Take note of how the video is edited. Is it a compilation in no particular order? Is it linear in the order of the way things happened? Is there audio components? Is the aesthetic what you want your video to be? (light and airy, dark and contrasty, faded film) While in the grand scheme of things, it's the moments that are the most important, but you want to ensure your investment includes everything you're expecting.

4. Investment (you get what you pay for)
Every videographer usually has a package or multiple packages for you to choose from. You want to find the package that is right for you. What are the hours of coverage? Is your videographer flexible in hours (let's face it, weddings almost never run EXACTLY on time.) How many videographers are you getting? (remember, one videographer can't be in two places at once.) Consider the amount of time and love that videographers put into composing and editing your video(s) along with the day they spent with you capturing your memories, and judging by their past videos that you researched from tip #3, consider the price of the package as an investment. 

5. Questions to ask your videographer
How many videographers will be spending the day with you? 
How will the final product(s) be delivered?  
What is the turn around time to receive your video(s)?
What are the hours of coverage?
Is there a raw footage option? 
How long will your videographers keep your footage?
How does payment work?
Will everything be outlined in a contract?

To all future brides and grooms, we are SO excited for you to start compiling your list of wedding vendors, and we hope this post is of help when considering your videographers!