Our new home!

The one place where you should feel most comfortable is home. For us, home is pure comfort, the feeling of catching your breath from belly laughs, the smell of coffee brewing in the morning, and the sound of wine pouring into a glass on a Friday night. Home, is inspiration.

We recently moved into a home together. Yes, we work AND live together, no, we don’t get sick of one another. We know… it sounds impossible, but after 4 years of sitting beside one other 5 days a week (sometimes 7,) living together works easily.

Before we moved in, our place was newly renovated, and because it was originally a family home, we had the unique opportunity to be around as the “flip” was happening. I (Kristen) remember taking Jane to see how it was going. There were barely any walls. The floors were covered in paper. Picture a small basement apartment completely gutted. Walls, floors, cupboards, and doors didn’t exist. It wasn't pretty. The first thing I said to Jane when we entered through the door was “I know, it’s hard to picture, but I promise it’ll work”

And did it ever. My aunt designed, while my uncle and his brother executed. Let’s just say her style is a notch above my dad’s, who constantly insists we put “trinkets” on our shelves… whatever that means.

Our everyday lives are what we like to call a “happy chaotic”. Above being videographers, we are also accountants, receptionists, and a slew of other entrepreneurial things, and while we wouldn’t change it for the world, we knew that our “after work” space needed to be everything easy, and inspiring.

Sofa:   "Chole"  from Structube |  Chair:   "Mineo"  from Structube

Sofa: "Chole" from Structube | Chair: "Mineo" from Structube

Coffee table:   "Vittsjo"  from Ikea Lamp:  "Ranarp" 

Coffee table: "Vittsjo" from Ikea Lamp: "Ranarp" 

We live in a basement apartment, so it was important that our vibe be very light to combat with a low amount of natural light that we get, and minimal, to combat with the small space. We decided to go with a colour pallet of neutrals, whites, greys, and hints of green and gold accents. 

Cabinet:   "PS"  from Ikea

Cabinet: "PS" from Ikea

Letterboard  from  Letter Board Co.

Letterboard from Letter Board Co.


We've been obsessed with how much glam a simple bar cart can bring to a space, but boy, oh boy, those things are expensive! We found the "Sunnersta" utility cart from Ikea for only $39.99 and purchased a can of $7.00 gold spray paint, and WA-LA, an inexpensive bar cart! 


We have a tiny "nook" right beside our entry way, that we wanted to utilize for coats and shoes, but have in keeping with our minimalistic approach. We had to be strategic in making this small space go a long way. 

We thought the "Trones" shoe rack from Ikea would be the perfect look. The shoe racks are detachable and come in packs of 3, so you can attach them onto a wall any which way. We stacked ours, and are hoping to get another one to put right beside it for more storage space.

Our print is dear to our heart. Our friend Rebecca from Paper Chain & Elegant Paper Co. designed it for us. We fell in love with this quote by Cher:

"Mother told me a couple years ago, 'sweetheart, settle down and marry a rich man' I said 'mom, I am a rich man'  I said 'mom, I am a rich man.' -Cher

We saw an iconic print of Diana Ross where his eye lashes looked as though they were about fly away, and it only showed half of her face. We thought of that print when dreaming up the design to go with the quote. We popped in a small faux plant from Ikea, and our entry way was complete. 


We didn't have much room for a kitchen table, but we knew we wanted it to be in keeping with the hardware on the kitchen cupboards, the facet, and the wood paneling on the walls. We DIY'ed our desk at our previous office by ordering the hairpin legs from a fantastic Canada company called Rusty Design, for a set of 4 reinforced 3 pin legs, the cost was only $80.00. From there we purchased a piece of wood from Kent Building Supplies for $28.00 and stained it for $10.00. The chairs are "Lou" from Structube and cost $49.00. 


Jane's room is a small space, so she approached her decor to go for a cozy, retro, yet clean vibe. A lot of things are sourced from local thrift shops around Halifax, like her quilt throw that only cost $3.00, and the rug that was purchased for $2.00 (seriously, if you're ever looking to cut costs and have time to really search thrift stores, it's totally worth it!) Her bed is "Kopardal" from Ikea, and only cost $199.00, her duvet cover is also from Ikea! 


One day Jane literarily called up her father and asked if he could find her a stump to use a side table, and it turned out to be the missing piece in making her space cozy and natural.  Lamp, and plants are from Ikea, and the hanging tapestry is from a local maker in Halifax named Erin Elizabeth, we strongly suggest checking out her Etsy shop! 

Flowing with the vintage theme is this little Crossley Cruiser - the same one (but different colour) as the one in our living room. 

Bed:   "Judy"  from Structube

Bed: "Judy" from Structube

Lamp:   "Ranarp"  from Ikea

Lamp: "Ranarp" from Ikea

Kristen wanted to go with a minimalistic, bright vibe in her bedroom. Each and every item she sourced brings her joy (living plants, favourite quotes, diffusers, candles) A light and airy feel is something she strived for in making her room the perfect space for her. 

FullSizeRender 6.jpg
FullSizeRender 7.jpg

When you think basement apartment, you think of small, dark spaces with very tight quarters. Along with the wonderful work put in during the design and build phase (Thanks Lisa + M&M) and our carefully thought out decor process, we're so happy with where we took our space. We're beyond comfortable and so cozy in our new little home. It really is a space that we look forward to spending time in. Inspiration is everything in the creative world, and our homestead is somewhere where we're comfortable dreaming up ideas and living easily.