Hockey Night In Canada's PlayOn! 2016

Theres one weekend in June that has become a staple for many athletes in our city- PlayOn! Halifax Street Hockey Festival. Every year Cogswell Street and the Halifax Oval is over populated with street hockey players of all ages. Teams set up camp in their desired spot. Picture camping chairs, tents, bbq's, hockey gear strung along the ground, with a cooler full of cold drinks for the players after an intense game. You can hear music from the large speakers at the large feature rink throughout the Halifax Commons, and the aroma of food trucks fills the air. Players walk around with comradery and smiles. You have to truly be there to know what the atmosphere is like. We were up for the challenge of capturing the essence of the festival and making viewers feel like they were there, but more importantly, we wanted to leave viewers with the impression of "I can't wait for PlayOn!"

"The Oval" on the Halifax Commons, setting up for PlayOn! Halifax 

"The Oval" on the Halifax Commons, setting up for PlayOn! Halifax 

We both have very versatile personalities. We adore beautiful, breath taking moments, but we also love the edgy, intense, "sends chills up and down my spine" ones too. When we started Arrow & Knot we knew that our ability to be versatile in the projects we produce - be it an emotional elegant wedding, or a sporting event that gives viewers an instant adrenalin rush - was an advantage for us and our clients. We aren't one trick ponies, folks! 

We profiled the team "Hoof Hearted" (seriously, thats their name) If anyone was going to connect with our PlayOn! video, we knew they would connect with this group of boys. These guys live and breathe PlayOn! They have many championships in many different provinces, and a national PlayOn! Redwood Cup championship. They were fresh off their 2015 PlayOn! Halifax elite win when we approached them about working with us on this project, they were in, and from there we had a video!

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 9.57.14 AM.png

We have to give big shout outs to our friends at AeroVision Canada, for supplying us with amazing drone footage of the event. A birds-eye view of PlayOn! is something no one has ever seen before. They were kind enough to ask us what shots we wanted, but we trusted their creative input and ideas, and the result was nothing short of perfect. We also have to send a BIG thank you to our friend, Morgan Jessome. We all were formally trained for this industry in school together, and she took time out of her schedule to help us out, when she was under no obligation to. We haven't met anyone who works as hard as her, and we were grateful to have her on our team that weekend... again, THANK YOU MORGAN.

And finally, check out our PlayOn! video, we hope you like it as much as we do!